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Blake's 7 The Early Years Audio CD 1.5 - Jenna: The Dust Run/ The Trial
Blake's 7 The Early Years Audio CD 1.5 - Jenna: The Dust Run/ The Trial Quantity in Basket: None
Code: B7-AUDIO-EY-5
Retail Price: $16.98
Our Price: $14.99
In stock and ready to ship
Starring Carrie Dobro

Jenna Stannis is a convicted smuggler when she runs into the dissident Roj Blake. She’s a spacer, too – hardly set foot on a planet. Which is why spending her for life on Cygnus Alpha is such an appalling verdict. How did it go so wrong?

Jenna: The Dust Run
Jenna Stannis has grown up as a spacer, where the normal rules don't apply. No school, no police, no public imperatives – that's still all to come. But the situation on Earth is changing and the effects are slowly being felt throughout the Vega system. It's going to mean trouble for a brash boy called Veldan – who Jenna doesn't fancy at all.

Soon Jenna and Veldan are competing in the Dust Run – racing shuttles through an asteroid field without using computers, making the complex calculations in their heads. It’s dangerous, fool-hardy and really good fun. But they’re playing for the highest of stakes....

Jenna: The Trial
The election is going to change everything. A man called Roj Blake promises the voters new hope, an end to years of corruption. There are those who can’t let him be heard. But Jenna Stannis is determined to get his message out to the stars.

It’s been years since the Dust Run and Jenna’s a changed woman. She’s left the Vega system far behind, using her excellent piloting skills to carve out a life as a smuggler. Blake’s message could earn her a fortune.

Written by Simon Guerrier.

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