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The Tomorrow People #4 - The Sign of Diolyx - Big Finish Audio CD
The Tomorrow People #4 - The Sign of Diolyx - Big Finish Audio CD Quantity in Basket: None
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Starring: Nicholas Young as John and Philip Gilbert as TIM with Helen Goldwyn as Elena and Daniel Wilson as Paul. Guest Starring Gareth Thomas as Mr Hardy.

Homo Superior - the next stage of human evolution. Young people with super powers, dediated to safegaurding planet Earth. From their secret laboratory deep beneath the streets of London, aided by their super-computer TIM, they watch and wait for others like themselves - and gaurd against threats to all mankind.They are the Tomorrow People.

A new TP is breaking out, but something is horribly wrong. John and Paul travel to the Welsh village of Llan-Gwyliadwriaeth, but find that a psi dampening field is hampering their investigation and that young Alison Hardy has no intention of embracing her dormant powers.

Meanwhile TIM disocvers an energy signature connecting the village with a mysterious ship in hyperspace. Against Tim's better judgement, Elena goes to investigate and finds herself trapped with a ravenous alien entity.

What is the connection between the local vicar and the coven in Alison's dreams? What links an ancient stoen circle and the ship in hyperspace? Who or what is Diolyx?

The Tomorrow People find that they have stumbled upon an ancient evil. An evil that is about to be unleashed upon the world.

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