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In stock and ready to ship
Doctor Who Exclusive - Destiny of The Daleks - Action Figure Collectors Set
Doctor Who Exclusive - Destiny of The Daleks - Action Figure Collectors Set Quantity in Basket: None
Retail Price: $74.99
Our Price: $64.99
In stock and ready to ship
The Fourth Doctor and Romana arrive on Skaro and discover that the Daleks are using a group of humanoid slaves and heavy drills to burrow down into the old Kaled city.
The Daleks are at war with the robotic Movellan race who have also arrived on Skaro, determined to find out what the Dalek plan is. Itís soon revealed what the Dalek objective is; Davros their creator!
The Movellans insist in joining the Doctor in the race to find him.
However on being located by the Doctor, Davros revives, his life support systems having held him in suspended animation ever since being exterminated by his own creations centuries before. Davros is soon rescued by the Daleks though, and he quickly surmises that the battle computers of the two races are locked in a logical stalemate, and that he could break it by introducing an element of intuition.
The Movellans, having reached the same conclusion, insist the Doctor to do likewise for them. Knowing this, Davros attempts to destroy the Movellan ship using a suicide squad of Daleks loaded with bombs.
The Doctor soon disables the robot Movellans, and returns to the Kaled City and tricks Davros into detonating the explosives before they reach the ship. The defeated Davros is cryogenically frozen until the freed slave workers can take him to Earth and put on trial for his crimes.

In this great set from Underground Toys we present the Fourth Doctor, Davros and 2 Dalek variants.

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