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Doctor Who Insider Magazine Issue #8
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In stock and ready to ship
Doctor Who Insider Issue #8

In this issue Arthur Darvill talks exclusively to Doctor Who Insider and looks back on how this year’s adventures and revelations have impacted on the life of his alter-ego, Rory.

Also this issue:

MEMORIES OF MELANIE - Doctor Who Insider talks Cats, lambs and all things show business with Bonnie Langford who joined Doctor Who as companion Melanie Bush in 1986.

MARK OF TERROR - We resist the temptation to hide beneath the bedclothes and nervously (but exclusively!) talk to author and actor Mark Gatiss who wrote this year’s creepy Night Terrors.

I WAS... MARCO POLO - Mark Eden casts his mind back to 1964 when he played the famous Venetian explorer opposite First Doctor, William Hartnell in the seven-part adventure, Marco Polo.

NEXUS POINT - Insider zooms in on the moment, in the very first episode of Doctor Who, where two school teachers stumbled through the doors of an old police box and discovered the TARDIS for the first time.

DATA FILE - The all-action Third Doctor and his friends from UNIT are this issue’s subject for scrutiny.

TIME SCOOP - Insider takes a pictorial amble through the eventful life of one Martha Jones who travelled with the Tenth Doctor before joining UNIT and working with Torchwood.

MERCHANDISE - Previews of the latest Doctor Who merchandise, including the DVD release of the Third Doctor adventure, Colony in Space, featuring an exclusive mini-interview with Katy Manning who recalls working with Roger Delgado who played the Master.

Simon Guerrier tells us about writing The First Wave, a new audio adventure for the First Doctor, and Peter Purves tells us what it’s like to once again be playing the First Doctor’s companion, Steven Taylor.

Author Dan Abnett writes exclusively for Insider about bringing back the Ice Warriors in this year’s special, holiday-themed hardback Doctor Who novel, The Silent Stars Go By.

And David Howe rounds up the latest Doctor Who merchandise, including a wind up Dalek and TARDIS.

FAN ZONE - In The Recreation Generator, Insider presents another selection of readers’ Whoinspired art, craft and costumes.

PLUS! The latest official news and a giant, double-sided poster of the Eleventh Doctor with Rory, and the Third Doctor.

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