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Doctor Who Magazine #428
Doctor Who Magazine #428 Quantity in Basket: None
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In stock and ready to ship
The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine delves into the world of soaps, and those whose careers have dipped into both those worlds and that of Doctor Who.

Former Doctor Who producer and now current Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson discusses his views on which genre is best:

Also in this issue:

•Soap Chat:
Featuring interviews with former companions Louise Jameson (Leela/Eastenders) and Frazer Hines (Jamie/Emmerdale), plus June Brown (The Time Warrior/Eastenders), Helen Worth (Colony in Space/Coronation Street), Rudolph Walker (The War Games/Eastenders), Ian Reddington (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy/Coronation Street), Nina Wadia (The Eleventh Hour/Eastenders), and Cheryl Fergison (The Empty Child/Eastenders)

•The Greatest Soap in the Galaxy! Is Doctor Who also the best soap ever? Featuring interviews with Mark Gatiss, Gareth Roberts and Rupert Laight.

•Eastenders! A feature on the 1993 Children in Need special, Dimensions in Time.

Plus, the concluding part of the comic strip The Golden Ones, the results of the 2010 DWM Awards, and the usual features such as Steven Moffat's Production Notes, The DWM Review, Beyond the TARDIS, Gallifrey Guardian, and prize competitions.

This issue also comes with a free, double-sided poster.

See below for backlist issues you may have missed!

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