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Space 1889 #1 Red Devils Audio CD
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Featuring Anthony Daniels (Star Wars)

Destination Mars!

In 1889, the ether ship Perbindesh approaches the red planet, her passengers an assembly of the great and the good. Skerrun, a Martian princeling, returning from a sojourn on Earth; Sir Henry Routledge, the new governor of the British colony. Professor Golightly, a renowned authority on the red planet. But everyone has a secret. The Perbindesh carries a cargo of conspiracy and intrigue. And not all aboard will live to see Mars… The game’s afoot, and it is the greatest game of all!

Everything Jules Verne should have written.
Everything H.G. Wells could have written.
Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published
- because it was too fantastic.


Space: 1889 is an exciting new series of full-cast audio adventures on CD, set in a fantastic alternate universe where Thomas Edison discovered a means to travel in to space (or the 'ether' as it is known). 19th Century man has escaped the confines of his own planet. In an insatiable quest to expand their empires, conquer new territory and discover new wonders, the nations of Earth have set foot on new worlds. Mars, home of an ancient but declining culture, has become the new battleground for Earth's empires and a lure for adventurers, treasure-seekers and explorers.

Queen Victoria's Red-coated infantry men patrol the streets of Syrtis Major, the once proud Martian city state now under British rule. Merchants navigate the magnificent canals of Mars to trade their goods. Adventurers chart the jagged wastes of the Martian highlands and battle the fierce beastmen while searching for the fabled liftwood groves, the key to the majestic sky galleons of Mars.

You can explore this fascinating alternative past in a new series of on-going audio adventures produced under exclusive license from Frank Chadwick, the creator of Space: 1889. Each adventure is a self-contained but linked story and is released on a single CD with over 70 minutes of action, adventure and intrigue and a full colour, eight-page booklet containing background information. The plays are performed by a full professional cast and feature cinematic sound design and an original music score.



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