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Welcome to our news page!  Here we will announce new products that have just arrived as well as tell you about upcoming products that we will be carrying.  We'll also let you know what trade shows and conventions we'll be attending so you can stop by and see us in person (and grab some great deals there, too!) 

And, as this is a news page and we're known for our well-loved Doctor Who customer base, we'll let you know about what's happening in the world of Doctor Who, including new series information and links to important Doctor Who sites.

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Opening Saturday, July 9th at noon.

702 S Main Street in Lombard, IL

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Doctor Who Merchandise News!

We continue to receive the new Doctor Who toy line from Character Options.  New toys
are due in every 2-3 weeks, so please keep checking our front page for the newest


Coming Soon

The World of Doctor Who   

Just announced - Peter Davison will be at ChicagoTARDIS this year! Check out the ChicagoTARDIS website for further information and to sign up!

Torchwood premieres in the USA Friday, July 8th on Starz!

Upcoming Conventions

Hope to see you at one of these conventions!

ChicagoTARDIS, November 2011 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Gallifrey One, February 2012



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